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Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend so that you can soothe the woes of a long and stressful week with some out-of-body gyrating and some experiences you’d rather forget come Monday. Check the weekend’s full list of nightlife events here.  Friday, Nov 16 Kayzo at One ThirdThis LA-based DJ has built […]

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When world leaders converged on Paris this past Sunday to commemorate the signing of the armistice that effectively ended World War I 100 years ago, their ranks did not include Xi Jinping. As the Associated Press reported, “Notably absent will be the president of China.” The only public presence that China had at the ceremony […]

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Now that the delicious eats have all been gobbled down, and the diners have partied down at the post-feast event at East hotel, it’s time to tally up the funds raised for this year’s Chi Fan for Charity. The annual dining oriented goodwill campaign raised hundreds of thousands of renminbi for this year’s recipient, Educating […]

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Written by Jie Du. Thailand needs democracy, but it may not be ready for full democracy. Military dictatorships and elected governments have taken turns in Thailand’s democratisation process. Sometimes the country moved forward with its left foot first and sometimes with the other, depending on the judgement of the late king (Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej) and […]

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Taiwan is gearing up for its November 24 regional elections, in which voters will decide on city, county, and community-level leaders along with a list of referendums on issues ranging from nuclear power to marriage equality. The election results will serve as their own referendum on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), a traditionally pro-independence […]

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Written by Caroline Hosey  A Taiwanese organisation named ATAYAL aims to foster international communication between Aboriginal communities throughout the globe. Their goal is to launch a new online communication platform to increase dialogue and relations among Aboriginal communities across the globe through media projects, cultural exchanges and tourism, while creating sustainable economic opportunities. Director of ATAYAL Tony Coolidge, whose mother is of […]

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