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Unlike President Obama, who gives first priority to terrorism, Iran, and North Korea, President Trump labeled conventional security challenges posed by Russia and China as prime threats, which signals a fundamental change in America’s threat judgment. It not only increases the possibility of confrontation and conflict between China and the U.S., but also explains the […]

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By Joyeeta Bhattacharjee As Bangladesh gears up for the parliamentary elections in December this year, apprehensions about the future of India and Bangladesh relationship are in the spotlight. India and Bangladesh relations have improved steadily ever since Sheikh Hasina formed the government following the parliamentary election in 2008. The upward trajectory was sustained following the […]

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Roger Daltrey may not be there to wax lyrical on pinball wizards, but you’ll certainly see AC/DC, KISS, and a number of other bands, adorning the displays of Pinball Liquors‘ glowing, ringing throwback machines. Opening earlier this month, the Xingfucun arcade and bar (also known as 公路商店 or “on the road store bar”) serves as a […]

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The “fluid” nature of the contemporary global order has been discussed for quite some time. However, the new U.S. administration has been adding significant depth and speed to this fluidity, combining a withdrawn, isolationist approach to global governance with – more recently – what many commentators have referred to as an outright disruptive (and potentially […]

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By Sanjana Govil On Tuesday July 17th, Chief Justice Dipak Misra and four other Supreme Court judges concluded hearings on the constitutionality of Section 377, Indian Penal Code, 1860—an anti-sodomy provision that not only criminalises private, consensual homosexual acts, but has legitimised every imaginable form of discrimination against the LGBT+ community in India. After a […]

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No matter where your allegiances lie there’s no denying the influence that Temple Bar and DDC have had on the music scene in Beijing. The Gulou-adjacent livehouses are pretty much institutions at this point – incubators for Beijing’s continuously evolving music scene, providing a platform for bands of all ilk – whether it be punk, […]

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I’ve always wondered where the phrase “dog days of summer” came from, and apparently, my research suggests it’s linked to astronomy and timekeeping. In ancient times, the appearance of Sirius, the brightest star (after the Sun) in the night sky signaled the peak of summer, and was a precursor to flooding (because of monsoonal rains) in Egypt […]

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