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I’ve always wondered where the phrase “dog days of summer” came from, and apparently, my research suggests it’s linked to astronomy and timekeeping. In ancient times, the appearance of Sirius, the brightest star (after the Sun) in the night sky signaled the peak of summer, and was a precursor to flooding (because of monsoonal rains) in Egypt […]

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It was supposed to make things better, they said. After 11 years of construction and some 20 years of planning, the Shoupakou Daokou (手帕口道口) underpass finally began operations on Jun 15, welcomed by locals who commemorated the opening by taking photographs. The construction couldn’t come any sooner. After rising levels of train and vehicular traffic led to […]

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For many Westerners who have come to China, it’s like landing in an alternative universe – where according to the sheer amount of single-use disposable plastic in circulation, there’s no fear of climate change or polluted oceans. At meal times, the streets heave with delivery men, bringing cheap, convenient food packaged in plastic. While other […]

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Chinese President Xi Jinping began his first trip abroad since being unanimously re-elected in a symbolic vote by the National People’s Congress in March. His first stop was the United Arab Emirates, continuing a theme of Chinese influence in the Middle East begun at last week’s China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) in Beijing. When Xi […]

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Are you an introvert or simply in a leave-me-alone mood? Well, luckily for you, Chinese self-service technology is catching up with trends in Japan (where there are an estimated 5.52 million vending machines), allowing complete shunning of meaningless interaction between you and anyone else in the human race. In keeping with this sad but wholly […]

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Yes, we know it’s humid. Yes, we know the bloody rain won’t stop. Yes, we know your flat’s ceiling is leaking. But, thankfully, there’s plenty of tempting new craft beer options around town to cure your summer time blues. Let’s kick things off with Great Leap Brewing, which recently began selling cans Honey Ma Gold […]

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