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For many an American, summertime isn’t complete without a stop at one of the many food trucks slinging fast food and soft serve throughout the nation. Then there’s the seemingly quintessential European summer pastime: knocking back pints in a lively beer garden or square. And while those traditions have yet to catch on in Beijing, […]

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A wrap-up of the top stories and hashtags Beijingers have been discussing on Chinese social media this week, exclusively for the Beijinger by What’s on Weibo editor-in-chief Manya Koetse.   1) Beijing’s Rental Market Prices are Going Through the Roof Experts Fear a Crisis Worse Than the P2P Panic A short supply in housing and an ever-increasing demand […]

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As the Turkish Lira slumps to record lows under the pressure of characteristically Trumpian tariffs, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is looking to “new partners” to support the country’s failing currency. Amid rallying cries to the Turkish people, imploring they steel themselves for further “attacks,”  Erdogan suggested Ankara would seek support from “new friends”, from “Iran, […]

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On July 26, 2018, the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China held a hearing on the human rights crisis in Xinjiang. It exposed how the Uyghurs, as well as other primarily Muslim ethnic minorities in China, have been subjected to a range of measures ranging from “arbitrary detention, torture, egregious restrictions on religious practice and culture” to state-of-art […]

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Good news for Shuangjingers: new Japanese restaurant Hexing has just opened opposite Melody KTV and next to Singaporean restaurant Vanda Room, like a shiny jewel in your collective crown. Despite its quality, Hexing doesn’t go for dazzling glittering gold décor, but instead opts for a low-key interior design with wooden frames and white wallpaper. There’s a sushi […]

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At a meeting at Zhengzhou University in Henan Province in October 2017, a senior official told his foreign and Chinese guests, “Find a solution for Henan’s problems, and you will have found the solution for China’s problems.” A native of Henan Province, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official knew personally of Henan’s struggles with economic […]

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Qixi schmeesy, you say? Celebrating two Valentine’s Days per year might be hard to stomach for some but for others it can make for the perfect occasion to woo a new friend, rekindle an old love, or simply to show off. No matter your intention, there’s an event for nearly everyone when Qixi/Chinese Valentine’s Day […]

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Beijing’s internet looks to reach unprecedented speeds by the beginning of next year with the China Unicom formally launching its 5G services at a Haidian-based store on Aug 13. The telecom provider is the first to do so in the capital, and stands to attract customers with the promise of considerably faster mobile and internet speeds, enabling […]

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